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Beyond the Shelves Archive

Harbingers of Spring
What harbingers of spring do you look forward to?  For me it is the sound of the peepers when I go out at night.  That . . . read more »
NASA on Total Eclipse Safety
With funding from the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, the Space Science Institute, through its Solar Eclipse Activities for Libraries (SEAL) program has provided libraries . . . read more »
For More About Eclipses
As always, if you would like to do a little more investigating into the science behind this celestial wonder take a look at the books . . . read more »
Preventing Wildfires
Forests are amazing places covering almost a third of the Earth’s land, including over 700 million acres in the United States (that’s about 529 million . . . read more »
Campfire Rules
In the United States, nearly nine out of 10 wildfires are caused by people not being careful. Help Smokey prevent these types of fires by . . . read more »
Smokey’s Scouts
Columbus College of Art & Design (CCAD) has launched Smokey’s Scouts, a forest-friendly mobile matching game for kids, teens, and adults, in an effort to . . . read more »
New Witherle Woods Entrance!
Our last hike featured Castine’s very own Hatch Cove. We encouraged families to take this hike and do some journaling and observing the path in . . . read more »