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Craft Project: Salamanders and Wood Frogs

Create Some Big Night Creatures!

After you have hiked and read about some of the vernal pool creatures, why not try to create some of your own.  Perhaps you can even design a crossing sign to protect them as these amazing creatures go through metamorphosis!

Let’s Get Started with Salamanders! They are amphibians that have moist skin like a frog and bodies like a lizard.


Maine Vernal Pool Indicator Species ID Cards

The S Template for creating either a Blue Spotted or Spotted Salamander

Colored paper 



  1. Open the link to the Vernal pool Species ID Cards and take a look at the characteristics of either the Blue Spotted Salamander or the Spotted Salamander, both are found in Maine’s vernal pools. Choose one of these salamanders to use to make your creature.
  2. Now, open the S Template that you will use to cut out the Salamanders body.
  3. Print the provided template or draw your own letter S on a piece of paper.
  4. What type of salamander did you choose? Color in its body and don’t forget to make a face.
  5. Add four legs to your salamander. You can draw your legs or cut them out from a piece of paper and glue them on. Use the ID cards to help you draw the legs.
  6. Where does your salamander live? Add your salamander’s habitat by coloring the background.   (Activity courtesy of the San Diego Children’s Museum)

Let’s Get Started with Wood Frogs!

Wood frogs are amphibians and one of Maine’s frogs that can withstand freezing temperatures in the forest leaf litter. 


6” square paper or Origami paper

Maine Vernal Pool Indicator Species ID Cards

Colored Pencils or Markers

Step by Step Directions:  Origami Wood Frog Using a 6 inch square piece of paper follow the picture directions to create an origami frog or Watch the video on how to fold the frog.

Don’t be afraid to ask an adult for help with the folding.  It can be tricky!

You can use a maker to add color and eyes to your frog.