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Celebrate the Wonder of the Total Eclipse 2024!

On April 8th the sky will darken as the Moon blocks the light of the Sun creating a total solar eclipse that will not be repeated again until 2079!  The last solar eclipse was recorded in1963, which makes this the perfect time to ask your grandparents or parents what they remember about the solar eclipse. What was it like? How did the sky change? What did they notice about the animals’ reactions to the eclipse? The Moon’s shadow will cut a path that is roughly 171 miles wide and move across the Earth at 1212 mph.  You have an exciting opportunity to make observations and take notes and think about what is happening as you experience the eclipse this April. 

Most of the solar eclipse viewing will be in Aroostook County, Maine. Click on this link to see the path of totality. The map will allow you to  see what towns are in the direct path of the solar eclipse or totality. Here on the coast in Castine we are not in the path of totality and will experience a partial eclipse. The eclipse will begin at 2:20 in the afternoon. However, although we will view only a partial eclipse, we should still protect our eyesight. For more information click here to read about eye safety during an eclipse. The library will be providing eclipse glasses free to our patrons.  Come to the circulation desk or the children’s library to pick up yours today!  

As always, if you would like to do a little more investigating into the science behind this celestial wonder take a look at the books that we have to offer. You may also like to look at our digital databases on our youth services page to see online resources.