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World Book Online

Click on the World Book Online title to access a specific learning portal.

World Book Early World of Learning

For K-3rd graders, this site offers a children’s encyclopedia, and several resources (like animated poems, stories and games) for developing reading skills such as phonics, vocabulary & comprehension.

World Book Encyclopedia

A general A-Z reference resource, World Book Encyclopedia covers thousands of entries in a wide variety of topics, adding in color photos, diagrams, charts, tables and maps.

World Book Kids

For K-5th graders, this online encyclopedia presents information in a child-friendly manner, including videos, activities, read-aloud and translation features. Lexile reading levels are included.

World Book Student

World Book Student connects students with a variety of multimedia and articles, while providing tools to teachers to support an inquiry-driven or flipped classroom curriculum.

World Book Timelines

Students and researchers can browse existing timelines in a variety of subjects or create custom timelines using articles from the World Book encyclopedia to visualize the cause and effect relationship between selected events.