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Eco Printing with Natural Materials

Eco Printing with Natural Materials
Date: July 10, 2024
Time: 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Hidden color exists all around us, waiting to be transformed into works of art. Have you ever wondered how to utilize local plant species and food compost in a sustainable, creative way? Eco printing is the process of bundling and steaming both plants and food waste onto either fabric or paper, allowing the natural pigments to transfer to the prepared substrate. All of the colors, shapes, and textures that bond with the fiber come from the materials themselves. Eco printing offers unique variations and a world of possibilities that allow for full exploration, while mindfully collaborating with the natural world! Participants will print onto a set of mordanted fabric samples, including a cotton bandana, tote bag, and linen cloth. Create beautiful, one of a kind pieces that can be admired throughout the seasons, while taking time to slow down and appreciate the richness and diversity of color dwelling alongside us.


Katama Murray (she/her) is an eco artist, educator, naturalist, and business owner from the Blue Hill peninsula in Maine. Her mixed media work and company, Teach Peace Prints, are inspired by place-based making and our interconnectedness to the environment. With a passion for multidisciplinary making, she enjoys learning and teaching together with people of all ages, hoping to inspire others to become more connected to the earth through the power of art and community.

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