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Dungeons & Dragons Student Edition

Dungeons & Dragons Student Edition
Date: March 22, 2022
Time: 2:15 pm - 5:15 pm

We invite students in grades 5-8 to join Director Nick Berry for Dungeons & Dragons: Student Edition! The Student Edition will begin with a four-week event: Selune’s Lamp. Players will begin with level 1 characters and finish the event with level 5 characters. (Please note players will not level up after every session, this will only be for this special launch event.) Premade characters will be available but Nick will work with the students to create characters if they don’t see anything that excites them.

Chapter 1: The Harbormaster and the Postman

The adventure begins on a ship traversing the icy waters towards the northern isle of Selune on the eve of the Moonrush, in a snowstorm. Our adventures are tasked with finding the legendary Selune’s Lamp in order to save the world from an undead curse. They are met by the Harbormaster, Grum Cutterbone, and the Postman, Fendras Coalhook, and are settled into The Frozen Goat inn. The Postman leaves to notify the Temple of the Moon of the adventurers’ arrival, however as they sip their hot cider the Postman’s giant goats return, their harnesses cut. What happened to Fendras? Will the adventurers brave the icy plains and howling winds to find him?

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