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Castine Garden Club

Castine Garden Club
Date: February 13, 2024
Time: 10:00 am - 12:00 pm

Program: Discussion of the Mini-Forest Revolution by Hannah Lewis.

The subtitle of the book says it all: “Using the Miyawaki Method to Rapidly Rewild the World.” Dr. Aldra Miyawaki developed his forest restoration method in the 1970s as post World War II industrial development resulted in rapid deforestation and pollution. Rural lands were devoted to single crops while urban and suburban landscapes consisted of fashionable flowering plants, a few trees, and lots of lawn. In contrast to these “single-layer’ plantings, Miyawaki realized that forests contained 5 to 30 times more green-surface area making them much more beneficial to the health of the planet and all its inhabitants.

Mini-forests—also known as “tiny forests,” “pocket forests,” and in England as “wee forests”–have been planted on all continents save Antarctica. It may be time for Castine to consider such a feature.

To reserve a spa ce please call Gail Winkler (326-8999). Coffee andsweets will be provided. This program is free and all are welcome. Co-sponsored with Witherle Memorial Library.

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