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After-School Use Policy

Afternoons at the Library
The Children’s Room is open to students for after-school use. We offer a safe, comfortable area for them to do homework, peruse the collection, or play games and puzzles with friends. Children ages 8 and older may visit the library unsupervised.

We do not operate as a childcare, and therefore do not offer the same level of supervision as a childcare facility. Your child must be able to behave in a library-appropriate manner and abide by our rules while here. Library appropriate activities include reading, puzzles, card and board games, art projects, imaginary play, listening to stories and music, visiting with friends, using computers, and practicing new skills. Behavior is considered out of place when it infringes upon another patron’s ability to use the library as they wish.

In the event a child is not picked up when the library has closed, library staff will contact you at the number provided to us by your child.  Staff is not responsible for driving your child home or arranging a ride home for your child.

We do not provide

  • Bathroom help
  • Medication administration
  • Behavioral management beyond a few gentle reminders of the rules
  • Tracking where children are. There is no sign-in sheet. We are not aware of who should be coming to the library, and we do not tell them they cannot go outside. We are not responsible for a child’s behavior outside the library.

Tips to prepare your child to visit the library after school

  • What is the best telephone number to reach you during after-school hours?
  • Can your child go outside and, if yes, where?
  • Can your child use a library electronic device?
  • Can your child go upstairs in the library?
  • How is your child getting home?