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What I Am Reading by Debra Orado

A common question I hear from parents is, “what book can you recommend as a family read aloud?” I love this question as a librarian because reading together as a family can create connections and memories like few other activities. Today in our busy worlds we all struggle with trying to find time to spend together and reading can help build a tradition and create book lovers out of our children.  If we are trying to grow thoughtful, insightful and empathetic children, why not find the time to read together?

Finding the just right book for all ages within a family can be tricky, but a book that I just discovered by author Elaine Dimopoulos is, The Remarkable Rescue at Milkweed Meadow. She has a beautiful storytelling voice. Elaine came up with the idea for this book by thinking about community and that our society has lost sight of what it means to live in a community.  She wanted to show characters who were different from each other and wanted them to come together by solving a problem, hence the rescue in the meadow.  She also said she wanted to write about animals. Put these interests together and you have a beautiful story that begins with a family of rabbits. They are told to stay close, be wary of people, and avoid all creatures for that matter!  They spend their days telling stories. What happens when this idyllic life is upended by one of their own?  What follows is a dramatic tale of adventure, friendship and community and learning to make decisions.  Butternut, the story’s star rabbit, begins to question all that she has learned and steps outside her cozy burrow to befriend a noisy robin. It is full of heart and will leave you with a cozy feeling. So much to discuss and think about.  

Come to the library and check it out so you can be ready for the sequel, The Perilous Performance at Milkweed Meadow.  Listen to the author being interviewed about her writing journey