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On Display in the Rotunda: The Castine Crafters

Curated by Robin Mass.

This fall, local resident and artist Jennifer Eaton Woods created a crafters’ club through which attendees could experiment with a variety of arts and crafts techniques, creating various projects such as those on display. Members of the Castine Crafters whose work is on display include Nina Desmond, Cora Hutchinson, Sue Loomis, Patricia Severance, Sharon Seymour-Johnson, Jan Slocum, Johanna Sweet, Marjorie Wheeler, Jennifer Eaton Woods, and Gwen Zilioli. The Crafters meet most Thursday evenings at the Trinitarian Congregational Parish of Castine and all are welcome to participate. Call or text Jenn at 207-702-0024 to learn about upcoming projects.

One outgrowth of the Castine Crafters has been the creation of a Castine tartan designed by members of the crafters group and executed through the efforts and leadership of master weaver Marjorie Wheeler. The Castine Crafters decided upon four colors to represent Castine: blue for the ocean, green for the elms, white for the historic buildings, and gray for the rocky coast as well as the many gray porches found throughout the town. The following individuals have joined Marjorie in the weaving of this tartan: Helen Anderson, Roberta Boczkiewicz, Heather Emanuelson, Cora Hutchinson, Lynda MacArthur, Beth Miller, Linda Murray, Peggy Murphy, Jane Saltsman, Patricia Severance, Amy Stewart, Emma Sweet, Hannah Sweet, Johanna Sweet, Pedrick Sweet, Riley Sullivan, Jeff Taub, Valerie Taub, Marjorie Wheeler, Jennifer Eaton Woods and Rosemary Wyman.