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BHHT’s Hatch Cove, Castine


The Hatch Cove Preserve is on both sides of Route 166 as it crosses the Neck into Castine.  It is a relatively easy hike, .3 miles making it an ideal family trip. The preserve encompasses a significant portion of the fields on either side of Rt. 166 just north of the British Canal. 

A Hike for Two Seasons

Hatch Cove is spectacular with a walking path through the field that affords many nice views, picnic spots, birding, and wildflowers that you may still be able to identify as they hang on.  A British Revolutionary War redoubt or temporary military shelter is also located on the property. 

This property makes a great walk for families.Get out and explore the path  this Fall and become acquainted with its flora and fauna so that you can compare and contrast the landscape and animals you find during the winter as well. Make a journal and get everyone involved! Have everyone add something they particularly enjoyed. Maybe they could observe what they noticed each month until December and record the seasonal changes. We would love it if you shared your noticings with the library and we will post your pictures on our website.

Photo: Blue Hill Heritage Trust