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Summer Reading 2023

Well, it is hard to believe that summer is coming to a close, but there is still time for you to log your reading and be entered into Witherle’s grand prize drawing and free book reward.  Some of you may be like me and put your brain on vacation with some fun easy reads or you may have chosen some action-packed thrillers or a mystery or two. Whatever your reading preference, there is still time to get in some summer reading before the chill of Autumn hits and school starts.

Friday, August 18th might be the last day to submit your reading log, but you can continue your summer reading journey until school starts. We will email everyone who completed the summer reading challenge and the winner/s will be announced at the end of August. Keep on Reading!

Here are a few of my favorite reads this summer. First off, Elf Dog and Owl Head by M.T. Anderson. This is a story steeped in fantasy about a boy and a dog that appears out of nowhere to him. They navigate a plague and go on a magical quest to find ancient secrets in the forest. They are not alone; someone else is in the forest. Our Friend Hedgehog by Lauren Castillo is a beautiful story for readers who like animal adventures. I love hedgehogs and have always wanted one. This series features a hedgehog who lives on a tiny island with his stuffed animal Mutt. When Mutt is carried away by a storm, the hedgehog must go in search of him. Along the way he gets some help from some new friends. I hope she writes another book to continue the series. My last recommendation is in a genre I am not a big fan of but have been dipping my toe in little by little: horror or just plain scary.  The book is The Stars Did Wander Darkling by Colin Meloy.  Meloy takes readers to 1980s Oregon, where a picturesque town is about to unearth something sinister. A construction project grinds to a halt after digging reveals a destabilizing cave beneath the site. It worked for me as it gave me authentic chills and just splashes of gore. I kept turning the pages right to the end!  

These are just a few of the books I have enjoyed this summer, so come into the library and talk to me about what you’ve read! I love to get new recommendations. I will see you all soon.