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Hundred Acre Wood Trail, Brooklin



Named after the famed woodlands that are home to the Winnie-the-Pooh characters in the Hundred Acre Wood in Sussex, England, this property hosts a nearly .5 mile inner accessible loop trail made of packed crushed gravel as well as a longer outer 1.7 mile loop trail. 

The Hike

You can hike the woods in roughly 35 minutes. This trail is great if you like  birding, hiking, snowshoeing, as well as dog walking. The trails have various terrain from rocky outcrops, to woods, to marsh and a vernal pool. Stop and settle for a bit near the vernal pool and you will be rewarded by the sounds of the frogs calling. Just keep in mind that amphibians are not to be handled but looked at and listened to.  Hopefully you have your hiking journal with you so that you can record your observations and take some pictures. You can download a map to the trail by clicking this link. 

As a bonus the Hundred Acre Wood is also part of The Downeast Phenology Trail which was created to help advance scientific research in Acadia and throughout all of Downeast Maine. Phenology is the study of the plant and animal life cycles. It focuses on the seasonal changes in nature. It also gets citizens involved by providing them the opportunity to engage in the data collection process. 

The trail provides visitors with the opportunity to contribute data to address these important research questions. The project uses Nature’s Notebook, iNaturalist, and eBird applications. Take a look at these links and sign up for one of the apps so that when you visit you can add your observations to the database.  When you explore the links you can also see what other visitors have noted when they have hiked the property.

Location and Directions:

Hundred Acre Wood (Brooklin): The Hundred Acre Wood trailhead is located on High Street, 0.1 miles from the “four corners” intersection with Hales Wood Road, River Road, and Hales Hill Road.  The parking lot is able to fit four vehicles with two additional spaces designated for accessible vehicles such as those with a wheelchair  ramp or lift. (Excerpted fromBHHT).  

Photo courtesy of BHHT