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Winter Hiking Tips


Along with Leave No Trace practices the winter hiking season has some special requirements of its own. Just as summer requires extra thought when the temperatures climb, the opposite holds true as the temperatures dip.  We want everyone to have fun outdoors no matter what the season.  Take a look at the Leave No Trace, Winter Tips website for 5 tips to pay attention to when you are hiking in the winter.  I have summarized them her for you:

  1. Wear layers.  You can never be too prepared for changes in the weather no matter the length of the hike.
  2. Stick to the trails.  Going off the beaten path can seem like a great idea but it can actually damage the vegetation and may cause an accident you did not expect.
  3. Be sure to always pick up after your 4 legged friend, be sure to take the bags with you and deposit them in the suggested container.
  4. Remember to carry a pack with water, flashlight, snacks and perhaps some extra clothing.  Don’t rely on your phone as service may be spotty. 

Happy Trails!