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Scavenger Hunt at the Carter Nature Preserve


Well, it may not be National Scavenger Hunt Day but you can still enjoy this activity at the Carter Preserve. Yes,there really is a day devoted to the popular activity, May 23rd.  No one is quite certain how this hunt and seek activity came about but Elsa Maxwell is credited with coming up with and popularizing these in the 1930’s. Ms. Maxwell was a jack of all trades and was known as the “hostess with the mostess.” She often had elaborate parties and created scavenger hunts for her guests who were part of New York cities elite.  She would have her guests roam all around the city looking for clues and items to bring back to the party.  The group or individual with the most items was declared the winner.   The game caught on and is still played today.  

The naturalist scavenger hunt took Ms. Maxwell’s game and created by a group called Finding Nature’s Treasures: Along the Trails of Maine.  Some of the items on the hunt may look different in the winter but that adds to the challenge.  There is a printable link in the top right hand corner of the page so that you can take a hard copy with you while on the hike.

Happy Hunting!