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A Lending Bookstore

I have been thinking about how to turn the library into a place for kids that feels like a “lending bookstore.” My goal is to entice students to leave the library with a book that interests them. Ideally multiple books!

I started by changing the way the books are displayed so the covers are front facing giving more visual interest, as unfortunately we do  judge books by their covers. Sometimes the covers are not enough, so I added “book blurbs” which is a small bit of exciting  information on the book.

I have a bucket of empty “book blurbs” just waiting for the students to add their own recommendations and tidbits that will tempt others to pick up the book.  A recommendation from a peer is worth its weight in gold. Come in and create a write  blurb about a  book you have read or check out some of the new books. 


Ms. Orado
Children’s Librarian
Witherle Memorial Library