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Nature Art

Shells on sand in a circle pattern

While we practice, Leave No Trace Ethics when we visit all natural environments, here are some ideas for you on the hike or at the beach.

As you walk you can collect a few treasures and create a nature collage to leave behind. Artfully display them on the forest floor or in the sand on the beach or on a rock near the ocean. These natural works of art should only include items you discover along the way and be part of the natural landscape. They are not made to stand the test of time, but will be washed, blown, or rained away.  Please do not move large pieces of material such as rocks or logs. And no cutting! I always love to find these natural art works on the path left by another traveler. They always make me smile.

Take a picture of your works of art and we will put them together for everyone to admire on our website.