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Welcome to Bookmarked, the first blog post of the Witherle Young People’s webpage where I look forward to sharing library happenings, new books and activities that I think you might like. This year I want every child to have an experience with reading that changes them as a reader. As Rebecca Solnit states, “Nearly every book has the same architecture — cover, spine, pages — but you open them onto worlds and gifts far beyond what paper and ink are, and on the inside they are every shape and power. Some books are toolkits you take up to fix things, from the most practical to the most mysterious, from your house to your heart, or to make things, from cakes to ships. Some books are wings. Some are horses that run away with you. In some books you meet one remarkable person; in others a whole group or even a culture. Some books are puzzles, mazes, tangles, jungles. Some long books are journeys, and at the end you are not the same person you were at the beginning. Some are handheld lights you can shine on almost anything. I know that each of them is a gift a writer made for strangers.” Come into the library browse, read, and investigate books.  If you do, I can promise you that you won’t be disappointed.

Along with amazing new books to explore, we have brand new after school programming; Art Afternoons, Board Game Cafe, Food Explorers, Lego Club, Afternoons at the Witherle with classic kids’ films and popcorn, and fingers crossed a chess club. New offerings will be added to the list and can be found on the Witherle Events page. Old favorites such as Dungeons and Dragons and Girls Who Code will continue.

This is the year to explore all the natural beauty that Maine has to offer. Take some time to click through our Young People’s webpage where you will find places to visit, activities, suggested books and websites.

Debra Orado
Witherle Memorial Children’s Librarian