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What I’m Reading by Debra Orado

Whoo Knew, Ribbit, Meow, Woof, and Scurry…no these are not random noises but titles of one of the most captivating nonfiction books series for children.  They flew off the shelves today as students were introduced to the many fascinating facts about owls, frogs, cats, dogs, and spiders.  This question and answer series, The Truth About by author Annette Whipple takes a look at animals and the many questions kids have about them. You will learn about how they think, behave and the science behind each one.

Each two-page spread features a question with the answer with stunning illustrations to help understand the science behind the question. Every book in The Truth About series has loads of back matter so readers can learn more after the story is over. The hardcover edition which we have in the library also includes a poster featuring even more cool information and beautiful images. Come to the library and check out the series in the Witherle Children’s Room, that is if it ever comes back in the library!