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Resources for Apple Storytime

Apple Storytime 

Saturday, September 23, 2023, at 10:30am


Board books

5 Little Apples, by Yonezu, Yusuke

A is for Apple, by Tales, Tiger

Apple picking day, by Ransome, Candace, illus. by Meza Erica


Picture Books

Pic Roc Apples and pumpkins, by Rockwell, Anne F.


Nonfiction books for children

J 398.2 Kel  Johnny Appleseed, a tall tale, retold by Steven Kellogg


Graphic Novels

741.5 Kni PeaPod Farm #2   Apple crush, by Knisley, Lucy


Adult Nonfiction books

634.11 Bun  Apples and the art of detection, by Bunker, John

634.0442 Ral Grow a little fruit tree: simple pruning techniques for small-space , easy-harvest fruit trees, by Ralph, Ann


Craft –  Apple prints

Items needed:
2 Apples
Adult with a sharp knife to cut the apples
Paint, paint brush, plates for each color
Paper to stamp the design

 -Ask an adult to cut 2 apples in half, different ways.  Using the first apple, slice through the center, from the top down to the bottom. With the second apple, slice through the middle of the apple, between the top and the bottom. 

-Using a non-toxic paint, cover one of the flat apple halves with a thin layer of paint either by dipping or brushing the paint onto the flat surface.

-Place the paint side down on the paper surface.

-Repeat with other apple halves.

-What shapes does each cut apple provide when you stamp? Are they the same or different designs? Can you make a design of your own using the apple stamps?