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The Super Bowl of Children’s Books

As families get ready for the battle of the football titans, I thought I would bring to light a similar battle, but one between book authors and illustrators. I guess every field has its “best”, and that includes the field of children’s authors and illustrators. So as you ponder who will win this year’s Super Bowl, you take into account the player’s abilities and it is hard not to let your own personal bias seep in. Well, like you I do the same when the Caldecott and Newbery Season is upon us.  

Come into the library and check out this year’s “best authors and illustrators.” The Caldecott Award was started in 1938 and is awarded to the artist of the most distinguished American picture book for children. The Newbery Award was first awarded in 1922 and named for a British bookseller, this is an annual book award that honors the most distinguished book for children. 

Take a look at the sliders to see the winners and the honor winners for each award.  I love it when the library has most of the books that are either up for or receive the coveted book awards…. but there were a few I did not see coming and those books are on their way.  Enjoy, and how about those Mets? OOPs, wrong sport. 

Caldecott Winner and Honor Books

 Newbery Winner and Honor Books