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Witherle Words

Retroactive Resolutions

By Nick Berry

I have never been one for New Year’s resolutions. I’ve made them, often only at the behest of a teacher, but they always seem to be forgotten. Often those little sheets of paper we fill out at school would end up being the unrecognizable works of modern art at the bottom of my school backpack, if they even made it in. These would be chucked in the recycling box when I had the motivation to clean it out. (There is a clear line between Elementary and Middle School where my personal organization took a nose dive.) Its not that I didn’t have goals for myself (I don’t think I would be the director here at Witherle if I didn’t), I just never focused on making resolutions just because it was the new year.

With this is mind I had the thought of retroactively making resolutions for myself for 2021. Is it cheating? Most definitely. Will it be fun? Probably, let’s find out. This is me giving all of you permission to make retroactive resolutions or add tasks to your to-do lists after you have completed them. (Not that you need MY permission, all you need is your own…and I guess your spouse or significant other depending on the task.)

  • I resolve to stand up for myself.
  • I resolve to protect those around me.
  • I resolve to find a job with a better support system.
  • I resolve to find a new place to live.
  • I resolve to work on my mental health.
  • I resolve to work on my health in general.
  • I resolve to be more observant of the nature around me on my walks.
  • I resolve to meet new and amazing people.
  • I resolve to take more time just listening to music/audiobooks.
  • I resolve to act upon my desire to bake.
  • I resolve not to become a giant robot. (Wait, does building one in a role-playing game count? Oh darn, I might have failed this one…)

I would ask if I missed anything, but I think that would require you to be inside my head. (If you are inside my head I apologize, it’s a jungle of library, high fantasy, and music that isn’t in English.) So, what are your retroactive resolutions? The fun thing about this is once you’ve made your list, you’ve already accomplished them. (Sure, some of mine are ongoing projects and will be continual but progress should always be celebrated.)